Entrepreneurship eyes this year, the 14 most trick technology trends


reported in January 6th (compilation: hunting cloud network balls)

note: hunting cloud network technology is possible which broke out in 2015, and continued to grow until 2016. And let the enterprise engaged in related fields to get rich overnight? The answer, we must research on Shuoyuan research about IDC, Gartner and Forrester this kind of top consulting firms.

1, defensive hacking insurance


Forrester, like Taghit (a famous concept store in the United States), home depot and SONY will receive all hackers.

2015, hackers will invade 60% or even more famous company’s website. Retail companies also have to spend more than two times more than the current computer network security.

major companies will invest $one hundred million in hacker defense without exception.

2, smart watches will beat smart wristbands


Gartner predicts that in 2015, the use of smart wristband like wearable devices will choose smart watches.

health wearable devices in 2015 sales will be reduced from 70 million in 2014 to 68 million 100 thousand pieces. Which is accounted for 17 million of the smart wristbands, smart watches is expected to 21 million.

Statista expects wearable device market will grow from $5 billion 170 million in 2014 to $7 billion 140 million in 2015.

3, Apple Watch will dominate the market


Forrester also predicted: in many smart watches are available, Apple Watch will be the champion. This is a good thing for Apple Corp and smart watches App developers.

Forrester predicts that Apple Corp will become the giant in the field, and that it will exceed the total sales of all previous smart wristband products sales in 2015.

but Forrester believes that by 2016 the market share of Apple Corp will be challenged by more Android camp, and even fell below 50%, perhaps Amazon Co will be one of the challenges.

4, the data of the interconnected life


Yanko design

IDC and Gartner simultaneously predicted that the 2>

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