Several basic modes of nternet money

Close friends often have not satisfied with the status quo, now want to get rid of the tedious work, set up their own business, and I occasionally chatted through the Internet business problems prompted me to consider the question carefully to the Internet to make money. Over time, I have a certain understanding of the Internet business. Now gradually write out, I hope to have the help of friends through the Internet venture.

In fact,

my initial intention is to write a website about how to make money, and also wrote the first article, introduce the most basic things, is the essence of the Internet. But after that, I was busy with the development of 2 websites, and it took a long time. Write this now, even if it’s second.

Internet to make money, I think can be divided into three basic modes, and from the three basic models, derived from different Internet income. The third basic models are business income, advertising revenue and service income.

Second, advertising revenue.

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