Confessions of an American entrepreneurs how to find the shortest time of your partner

if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past week, I think there are two things:

1 more questions.

2 entrepreneurship is very difficult thing.

story begins:

on Wednesday afternoon, I found that I was looking forward to an angel investment project interview failed. This is a big blow to me, because I really want to get this opportunity to invest. I can’t think of their projects where is the problem, so I called to ask why adrian.

he gave me a simple answer: "you don’t have a partner.". If you can find one before Saturday, please let me know."

I called my good friend Matt, "Hey, I need an entrepreneurial partner and suddenly feel like I should be a mini site (microsite, a personalized home page). What do you think of the name? "The two of us thought for a long time, and finally came up with a name:!!!

only great artists do not need to copy…

when we determine the name of such a OKcofounder, I was thinking about how to build the site, what needs to be designed, such as the content of the problem, an inspiration jumped out:

"and so on, I should design some interesting questions, even we can borrow the OKcupid brand, it will be a very interesting thing."

"put our ideas on Silicon Beach or Hecknews." A few minutes later, some friends contacted me on Facebook.

the next few days, I received some reply — some people did not even look at the website and contact me said their ideas, some are very experienced entrepreneurs about me. Thanks, we need to exchange some. Some people even contacted me on Thursday night because of the original design I said on the website. It’s really crazy. Some of my friends think I’m being bold.

data has always been the most fascinating


has a few friends who contacted me via email and twitter, and asked me to quantify the data on the site. Here are our results:

· total visits from April 17th to 8840. 770 of them are from Australia, which is my target population of 8.7%.

· 1083 comes from Twitter, the rest is seen from Hacker News or Facebook.


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