Ma, founder of Alibaba how should women start their own business

Alibaba CEO Ma

Ma Yun think that China has two great women, one is Wu Zetian, one is the Empress Dowager Ci Xi. These two are very, very great women in Chinese history, it is not easy, to do this position, the country, the development of the future, despite the evaluation of the history of the people are not the same.

The common

has all the great features of women, that is to appreciate a man, good man! I am very happy today to see the stage without a woman say, I am a woman, I’m stronger than a man, I should like, a common characteristic of this is great that women have, it is to appreciate a man, so please remember, enjoy your husband, your boss, your son, all the people around you, when you admire someone else’s perspective when others appreciate the vision to see you.

is the greatest of the greatest men and women have in common, we never complain, in fact, complaining will only make you more upset, experience all of life, you have to face. Many of us have learned that this world is to be a man, not to do things, and we come to this world, no matter how long, 100 years, 80 years, the past 90 years, we are to experience life. Everything that happens is a life experience, and enjoy it, even if it’s a disaster.

in addition, in the audience I also come to a feeling that all successful people have to be simple, want to do things to be simple, not so complicated. If women want to win the respect of the world to win the respect of others, they will win their respect. I personally feel that a woman, because she is a woman will win respect, I think a woman’s features is soft, tender, soft is the most important, Killing with Kindness. If a woman like a man, even though she is only successful woman.

how should women start their own business?

Ma Yun thinks you need to know what you have. Because of what he had nothing to do poineering work, Ma also feel the same today, today the company so much influence is so big, but Ma probably only a little less than 10% of the credit, Ma would like a dream, at a critical time adhere to some principles, at a critical time freeze, to continue to live failed to continue the whole. As long as there is a dream of female entrepreneurs will be successful.

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