Create the maximum value with the least P

heard that the network industry bigwigs are ready for the winter, our meat thin grass roots are the Pythian how it? Usually rely on tour bigwigs to eat, although also often complain about the gangster is not kind, but we think the amount of deduction, the fine horse really led his children a dry hibernation, we these small grassroots this winter is really tough. The door of Baidu is on the roof, the threshold is too high to reach. SOGOU the door still doesn’t know where to turn. GG is not reliable, from time to time to send a message of intimidation, the only way to live long personal station afternoon to eat two lines.

in fact, this is not a new idea, people have long been put forward, and there have been a number of people have begun to try. The so-called two line is online and offline. Do online traffic, the line to do the transaction. In fact, very simple, for example, you do a female side of the station, you can go to Taobao to open a shop, get some women’s clothes, cosmetics and the like. Nowadays many young people are used to shopping online. Effect is not bad. Such a site, if one day there are 1000 IP that profit may reach more than 100.

to Paizhuan please wait, I finish. Certainly some people and some people accounted for a large proportion of the said I was talking, which is so easy, if you can so easily that stationmaster already be rich. In fact, things may be so simple, but we do not do, in fact it is difficult to sell things online, Taobao online most sellers started simply do not know what is the network, but the people in the Internet to find information or friends will be able to open up shop, and no advertising publicity still rely on personal flow the booming, we like these professional web site and can get traffic why not do it? I have seen a website more vast, made a website directly from Taobao reprint information:, this website if you can do on the flow, combining online and offline, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Even if he does not do the next line of advertising I estimate is also a direct seller of Taobao, the advertising fee is also more objective than the union, after all, the middle tier or even less than a few layers of advertising agents.

There are two kinds of funds in the

Internet, one is the enterprise funds, one is the individual user funds. Now the majority of corporate funds, these funds into the form, generally divided into two categories: first, directly into the customer site, these sites are generally door website. Two, into the advertising agency, by the advertising agent to other customer station. This part of the site is the root of our website. From the agent out of the funds compared to half of the investment can be good. Then we want to increase the value of IP how to do only think of ways to grow their own can become a portal. At least one of the best in the industry. This is very difficult, and now basically all types of Web sites have their own leader. If you want to develop it must go beyond him, the difficulty is too great, like HAO123 as the myth of the Internet era is gone forever. Injection of individual users of the capital diversification. However >

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