nduced by QQ flow should not overdo sth.

a lot of friends love Wangzhuan through QQ to get traffic, including QQ chat software, QQ group, micro-blog, QQ Search ask, QQ space, QQ games, Master City, and the original QQ dating service, are our Wangzhuan friends trodden, including a Xing also in 07 years when using QQ and dating service do Wangzhuan more. And now, spread in the major forum called Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, a great part of the induced flow of content, including flow induced by QQ.


, I saw a group of Wangzhuan in such a message, so I have to is currently busy with hair standing on end, to induce drainage Wangzhuan brothers sweat.

three brothers Wangzhuan using QQ space induced flow and planted. The defendant Feng Yulin, Cheng Yulong, Zhongjian take fee to upload pornographic in multiple QQ registered the opening of the QQ space pictures, video and other content, methods of crime and recommend the URL link in the pornographic content to attract the users browse, click on its QQ space content, such as the Internet download registration the QQ space on the recommended video chat rooms, which can obtain illegal benefits from network advertisers. With their online advertisers "sincere alliance", "114 advertising alliance", "55LA" reached an agreement to help promote the "quack", "night", "seven" and "cola" four video chat rooms, to attract users and access to download registration advertising fees, membership registration fees.

three people are 88, everyone only earn about ten thousand yuan, but they paid a heavy price: all the illegal income confiscated, and were sentenced to thirty thousand, ten thousand, ten thousand penalties, and imprisonment for 11 years, 2 years, 3 years, at the same time, computer crime four Taiwan also confiscated. The price is too high, the lesson is too heavy.

is a Xing several brothers Wangzhuan pity at the same time, also in anger, such a thing, this sentence, NND sentence too heavy? A few money is on the line. However, according to the law, we also feel helpless. There is a saying about the daughter, down 42, although some small things but seriously, be not at all surprising, it was a big deal. So, in front of the law, you should be careful as well, we must be careful, there are a lot of Wangzhuan drainage method, we have to go in peace. Ah Xing had read this news does not feel anything, but found that the court sentenced is really too heavy, very angry and very helpless, so had to write to warn everyone, I hope everyone is good. We can pay more attention to your blog, Xing I will write more Wangzhuan experience together and share, also welcome add my QQ504909949 chat online.

original address, the court verdict, which has the details of the case: http://s.ahxccourt.gov.cn/Article/Article.Asp? ID=2561


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