Entrepreneurs attitude towards VC these entrepreneurs why reject VC



popular camera application Camera+ founder John · venture capital casasanta rejected a few days ago, also called "swearing, not love investors as the company set the direction", "fuck the wind", micro-blog has become one of the hot.

yes, since the angels can gang a book called "why I want to invest in you", the entrepreneurs should also have emboldened to ask "why should I accept your investment". Not all the enterprises must accept the venture, not all businesses are suitable for venture capital, not all venture entrepreneurs are worthy of acceptance — of course, there is a sentence: not all refused to venture entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects are really hard".

so, we can look at the specific: what are the entrepreneurs in the refusal of venture capital, they refused the reason why. Perhaps, how many entrepreneurs and venture capital will be some reference.

thanks Jerry investment executive director GUI dawn, according to his own experience, he refused to venture entrepreneurs reason to do a very good review for us:

first, the enterprise is not bad money". Sea bottom fishing. This kind of business in the beginning will reject VC, for two. First, cash flow is abundant, there is no need to inject. Two, the expansion of such enterprises is not just the expansion of the capital level, such as the core competitiveness of the sea fishing is talking about the service, the need is to cultivate people, need is time, not capital.

investor attitude: wangyangxingtan. For such enterprises most VCs love, must be admitted that if can wait for the money, but the investment is not, such as sea fishing even responsible for the people who are not very helpless.

two, enterprises related to gray income. For example, business models and sources of earnings should not be open to the public information, such enterprises will also close the door to investors.

investor attitude: investors will still try to contact, try to discuss with the enterprise a circumvention method, such as the related party transactions will be done by third parties. But if these methods of avoiding work, not only investors will withdraw, enterprises will take the initiative to outside investment, because once the capital come in, will require disclosure of listed companies listed, and the enterprises don’t want to do.

three, companies do not know vcs. Many private enterprises are so, especially in traditional industries, in underdeveloped areas, because entrepreneurs do not understand the concept of investment channels, no large-scale financing, they are more willing to use the bank and even the traditional way of financing loan friends.

investor attitude: no alternative. Gui Shuguang said, in fact, many of these enterprises, once encountered in Beijing suburbs do a consumer goods companies, entrepreneurs are introduced through a friend to know that there is such a way of financing. Even this channel exists there >

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