Venture ten reality and risk assessment inventory of their network of contacts

decided to start a business is a major decision, because the business needs to master a number of skills, and lifestyle will be affected by entrepreneurship. However, there is no standardized test or mandatory certification to help you determine whether they are suitable for business, or to determine whether the business for you. In addition, MBA or other academic credentials can not be used as a standard of judgment.

so what you can do is to use a number of self assessment tools, and to comply with the newly established CarolRoth entrepreneur formula guide, which highlights the importance of the entrepreneurial personality and skills necessary. I hope that one day there will be a more formal business practitioners certification, as lawyers, accountants must pass the certification.

prior to this, I suggest that entrepreneurs have not yet been in depth and easy to quit before, for their entrepreneurial dreams, thinking under the ten Carol entrepreneurial reality assessment:

1, rigorous assessment of their entrepreneurial motivation. Feeling bored, hoping to get away from the boss, or to show off a hot technology, these are not the right reasons to start a business. But if you pay attention to solve a real problem, believe you can have a multitasker superior to others, and self-confidence, then you have the right mindset.

2, entrepreneurship means to serve a number of bosses. After starting a business, you are no longer under control. But maybe you don’t have the freedom to dream. Entrepreneurs will be controlled by their customers, investors, creditors, need to deal with these "boss"".

3, assess their team spirit. Many people dream of starting a business, in order to escape annoying colleagues and overbearing boss. However, it is necessary to deal with more people, including accountants, lawyers, customers and team members, so entrepreneurs need to be good at communicating with people, and have strong interpersonal skills.

4, take responsibility for yourself. Running a company is like raising a child. It’s a day and night job. Everything that happens in the company (including a loss of income), your family or your life will be affected. Remember, entrepreneurs have to assume all responsibility for business.

5, review their management skills and industry background. The ability to manage employees and suppliers is a skill that an entrepreneur must possess. Entrepreneurs also need to be familiar with the situation inside and outside the industry. Working experience in a similar company before starting a business will help.

6, inventory their network of contacts. Business is not what you know, but who you know. Network is good, they will help entrepreneurs from investors and lenders get favourable financing conditions, and get a better price, terms and conditions from suppliers, and more professional services.

7, honest deal with their own funds. Don’t imagine that entrepreneurship can change your relationship with money. Entrepreneurship requires funding, as well as sound financial management. Whether you will be open to the business

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