On the road of Baidu Wang Zhan Occupation do the right things in the industry

012 years in July 31st, "Baidu certification" conference held in Hilton Beijing Hotel, from the well-known enterprises, universities, industry associations opinion leaders gathered to open the "Baidu certified" comprehensive social promotion curtain. In the conference site, Baidu vice president Wang Zhan shared his career experience, and stressed the need to do the right thing in the industry."


Chinese has a saying: "men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman lang." Wang Zhan said, I am very lucky, in the early development of the Internet China entered into this industry, into Baidu, "for each person, the most important is to choose the occupation career of the industry, to choose a suitable for their own development and industry play. Today, the Internet is undoubtedly the most advanced in this era, the fastest growing, the most promising future of the industry."

the most beautiful industry is the lack of talent

, however, Wang Zhan also admitted that this is the most beautiful industry is the lack of talent, especially search engine marketing talent.

According to

Chinese well-known recruitment website "51job" data show that in 2012 Internet marketing post demand an increase of 97%, a total of about 1 million 160 thousand, while the number of job seekers is only 48-52 million, the supply and demand ratio up to 1:2.4, equivalent of 2.4 enterprises in a rush to the average search engine marketing talent, a huge talent gap. The next 3 years, the demand for enterprises will be increased by an increase of 30%, the situation is difficult to alleviate the shortage of talent.

industry shortage of talent, Baidu is also deeply bitter". Wang Zhan said that 7 years ago, when Baidu’s annual revenue of 300 million, the industry is not a scale, the demand for talent is not. This year, only a Baidu company revenue will reach about 20000000000, the entire market demand for talent can be imagined. Since the establishment of search engine marketing department in 2007, the talent supply has been mainly based on the internal training mode of Baidu. Soon, by 2010, the Department has become Baidu other companies dig "disaster", many excellent talents by other enterprises to 2-3 times the salary away. "Because the market is developing so fast, they need people, and cultivate people also need time, the best choice is to poach Baidu cultured people." Wang Zhan explained.

Internet marketing professionals in the workplace jump board jump confirms the fact that the entire industry needs of Internet marketing talent

is explosive growth, the continued shortage of talent supply, has become the constraints of the development of the industry. Baidu needs to do something!

a Baidu certified a happy job

since Microsoft, CISCO can be certified by the IT for the industry to develop their own talent, as one of the world’s largest Internet media, Baidu can naturally. After some consideration, Baidu decided to join the domestic universities, educational institutions, well-known enterprises, industry associations and other related units to create Baidu certified Talent Development >

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