Web site virtual and reality – the local network – sales

network is a virtual thing, that is, the reality of the news items in the form of image information to the network (song……)
is a total learning and communication platform. Web site in my mind there are 3 meanings, the 1 bridges, connecting each person’s heart and vision of the on behalf of a person’s self-cultivation
3 money making tool. Open the website is not difficult to find a program to dabble in it. Open a good website, and want to make money on the site is difficult.
  many friends will say that I open a website on the Internet is IP optimization and PV to help GG BAIDU advertising is the first thing you should know you are an individual or group
this topic is every webmaster headache.
network is really a golden hill, we are all in one mine.

nonsense not to say, let me talk about how to do the local network.

how to use the virtual reality and

a lot of companies have their own web site on the virtual. Why can’t we get a virtual union?

how to make virtual web site is to see what you do with the actual material

such as electronic networks, electronic industry. Before you do this, you need to understand the local sales path and information.

local sales location, which groups of sales. What other types of Electronics do you like most?.

is under investigation, and then contact the business field and many electronics industry = electronic mall….

page classification clear, electronic news to new, clear path, (the best to establish a contract with them)

, of course, it is difficult to pull the business even if you do not give others free of charge.

first of all have their own team of 10-20 people, can be divided into 2 groups of 1 groups to go to the field of publicity (will need some funding, not to spend money where to report)

1 group to do the pull position of the electronics industry, at the beginning do not need to do a lot of. Such as news and pictures, introduce their network products.

at the end of how you need to pull, you have your own plan to conquer the hearts of entrepreneurs. < > >

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