The first pull ad Wangzhuan risk free road station

believes that many webmaster for website traffic to sell a good price, to pull more advertising and sent a worry. I have therefore sent a worry, but now I don’t worry about not to advertisers, instead of the.

website is not enough to worry about

how do I do? The opposite way! The first advertising and then promote the station!

sites are not, to pull advertising, this is not a joke? Some people have questions, you don’t worry, listen to me. Before the station, is to see what the heat most probably it did not actually happen, what to do. The station is made out, it is difficult to rank up. Some rankings up around. For advertising, ADSENCE or Baidu alliance, income is very limited. Later, I contacted a few friends, we have nothing. We have a frank exchange of information, found the problem:

industry does not necessarily find the most probably it did not actually happen, reliable. We used to do the station, its IP value is relatively low. Even do up the flow, advertising conversion value is not high. We decided to start from the study as a warning for the future, IP high value industry! Really let us find a lot. This time, we set up a small team, we work together. There is responsible for sales, is responsible for the design, is responsible for the establishment of the responsible optimization. We no longer like before, do first station, go to pull advertising to vote. This time we act in a diametrically opposite way, we are in charge of sales colleagues, first to pull.


of course, the core of the key is: we changed our advertising billing. Because according to display billing, it is the site of sina, we can’t get this list. Click, people don’t trust us, not even Baidu are being questioned? We do, is billed by the inquiry!

advertising billing change, help us to open the door of the gate here is our customers! Pull customers in a different way of dialogue, pulling customers webmaster, I can understand: a way to display advertising, membership, click on the way: the LED lighting industry products as an example (this is our actual marketing the case of


I: Hello, is this the marketing department of * * company?


: I * * * * we are lighting network, a * * * * million million members, do you need to promote the network traffic,


customer: this year our advertising line has been completed, next year, thank you! Goodbye.

PA om……

another way: by inquiry billing:

I: Hello, is this the marketing department of * * company?


me: do you LED lighting in the development agency


client: Yes, where are you,


me: Yes, every day there are a few people give me a message, I would like to recommend LED lighting manufacturers, they want to do agents, name, phone, >

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