How do earn 100 knives a day to talk about my website

station is 5 years, from the beginning of 2003, I made a small station, do the education resources of things, every day is hard to add something, some original, some are reproduced, carefully edit their own, then released in the website initially, the flow is very small, do not know what time the acquisition, it is a plus, with the increase of resource, traffic is slowly increased, up to more than 5 thousand IP per day, and later because of various reasons, the station to stop, but the domain name is kept. This station made a total of a few hundred dollars, when I spent 500 yuan on the light space. So there’s no money. In 2004, I used the original domain name, and a type of article site, due to maintenance of their own, on time every day to add new content, so after 2 months, I had IP to 8000, because at that time I was 200M virtual host, website is dynamic so, to the virtual host provider’s server, causing great pressure load, they found me to buy more space, when I was taking a day, decided to change the space is replaced by Edong Network Star host, 100 month at the time, it seems that prices. And all of the site generated a static page, IP traffic is crazy up, when Baidu every day included. I remember most of the time more than ip8, Alex ranking to less than 30 thousand. This time, my income is Google helicopter, from 10 to 100 knife knife did start every day.

summary of the experience in the past few years to do stand, there are the following, we can learn from:

1 daily update.

2 with the times, every day of the news, have to hold, add something associated with it. Have a keen sense of smell.

3 don’t cheat, I’ve never done anything wrong.

4 do not advertise their stations everywhere.

5 connection to be careful, less to do, to fine, a few can be.

6 server quality must be better.

7 is my website’s purpose, with minimal investment, in exchange for the greatest harvest. I fought for so many years, with monthly monthly space, space, the quality is better, and flexible, suitable for us to adjust the space, when IP is small, with a small space, along with the increase of IP, the space also increases. No waste of money.

8 is not involved in politics.

9 I didn’t do a seo.

above you can refer to, in addition, I recently made a new station by way of propaganda about, we can always communicate, my qq317723419, let us a piece of research, and common progress.

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