bask in the pig pen on the first higher income

contact Wangzhuan should be considered for a long time, since I started college, but basically did not earn what money is earned, even earn a two pieces, such as the pig on the post by the ah, can get a piece of the two, a post game one of the largest is in pig do, I spent several days time, got a third-prize, waiting for nearly a month to get my hard work –160 yuan, plus before 00 or a block two, a total of 173.6 yuan, ha ha, this is the biggest one since I Wangzhuan income, not over hard, than work hard! For everyone to see a map, is a revelation to the novice door:


second revenue source is said to have one, because I bought a cracked version of the blog group software, with a feel good, but to upgrade faster, cracked version can not keep up, so I want to buy a genuine, not easy to make flower more than and 100 to buy a genuine, with it is cracked version of the cool, but also did not use pirated psychological pressure. Buy it, but I’m not willing to spend money, always thinking about how to make him to come back, as it happened, the official website and blog group software sales into patterns, and also divided into many, reached 50%, that is to say a sell to earn 79 yuan, I want to sell the two, do not put the money back to me, I immediately contact customer service to account for the opening of the promotion (promotion account to buy the account registration code is the same, the first to register here: Partner=82zz& custom=A5, then call customer service to open) is a advertising it was also intended to be a special website, just met the Ministry of large check, CN was stopped, the space Richard is also strict, suspended, finished ad is not how to do it, go to work every day, nothing What time, over a period of time, it is a few days ago, a man came to me, said to buy the software, asked me if I can be cheap, I will allow him to get the Commission after his return to 20 yuan, he said a trial version of the first try, this afternoon, he has to buy suddenly said to me, told me that he don’t return 20, just give him hundreds of blog account on the line, because I have this blog account to sell, I promised him, I can check the official website, offline account is there, but there is no commission, I immediately thought to the official website to ask, but can not online customer service to the customer, leave a message, 7 pm or so, customer service to contact me, I asked him what is the percentage of formulation, he said the Internet does not see the Commission, he said a received Commission will hit alipay, I went to check, the results really came, and it is more than 4 points, he also said that "I am the most disloyal," Oh, it is really a bit of credit, this is me at his earn the first money, sun drying out:


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