The network novice how to go the road network

the Internet is a place where gold can be put into use — and many people think so. So more and more people have joined the tide of the Internet to make money, there are failures have success. Yesterday, Zhang Qing met a new friend do Wangzhuan in a group, her purpose is very simple, is to make money on the Internet, but very confused do not know where to do, don’t know what to do. Such a situation, almost all newcomers have. I also come from the new, so I would like to talk about some of their own point of view in order to be able to give new friends some help.

people go up high

Birds of a feather flock together., Like attracts like. A new network of people in the beginning, the Internet is all very strange. And this time the new is often not to find a master, but with some of their own level of people with similar learning together, because they feel that they will have a sense of belonging. Expert – for the new seems to be a very distant concept, after all, not at the same level, the master said too esoteric, novice do not understand, novice problem is too simple, too lazy to answer the master. Coupled with the master is generally not active or obligation to help newcomers and the new money too heavy. So these new people can only learn from each other, but this progress is very slow, and this is a truth 0+0=0.

and novice can do are just some low Wangzhuan, effort but do not make money. If you want to make money, you must have a breakthrough. This breakthrough is not technically, because newcomers often do not understand technology, here refers to the breakthrough is a breakthrough on the network. If you want to make progress you need to get rid of your current circle, to find a higher circle, you can have more resources, learn higher technology, make more money. People go to high, water flows downwards.

eat hot tofu

now the Internet has a impetuous atmosphere, because the network is the myth of wealth too much, people also came to these myths, are hoping to within the shortest time to earn much money. With the psychology of people too much, unfortunately the reality is very skinny ideal is full. Ruthless reality beat the perfect dream, and finally there are more and more people choose to give up, many people think that the Internet is a lie can not make money. So, one by one, one by one and left.

the Internet really can not make money? No, the Internet is able to make money, and indeed make more money than the reality. But it is the eternal truth that "pay", and the same is true of the Internet, where the money is paid.

Internet is the key to loneliness, because you may have one to two months or even six months have no income. But the only thing you can do is to be patient, and you have to believe that your efforts will pay off. I saw so many people coming and going, but they didn’t make any money. Not by >

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