Baidu search private bidding refers to the cost of default users increased by 50

source: Beijing Yuyuexinbao Author: Ren Hong

"to do business, the key is to allow customers to find you, in this regard, lawyer Zhang Xinwei found Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., signed a contract bidding, hoping to promote the network through the company’s search engine. I did not expect to just signed a contract in May 31st, Baidu Inc in June 1st to adjust the relevant price. In June 12th, Baidu believes that Zhang Xinwei will default Baidu Inc sued the Haidian court, requesting the court to order according to the contract price bidding starts at Baidu (0.3 yuan) to fulfill the contract.

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storm storm customer

? The contract per click price 0.3 yuan

? According to Zhang Xinwei introduced in May 31st this year, he and Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. signed a "Baidu bidding contract", the contract agreed: Zhang Xinwei Baidu Inc to pay the full promotion fee of 1999 yuan, using the company’s search engine to promote the network, the Baidu Inc promised promotion fee payment number according to the keyword click. The reporter saw from Zhang Xinwei’s offer, third fourth of the contract agreed: "Party B each click of a netizen search results (Zhang) submitted keywords information, the system automatically deducted from a prepaid expenses from Party B click ‘Baidu PPC’ promotional fees, the price per click price 0.3 to 1 yuan, divided into bidding units, no limit."

? "On the 2 day, I submit keywords on Baidu website, but found that the Baidu Inc registered keyword bidding prices unilaterally raise prices, different prices are not the same keywords." Zhang Xinwei said that some of their plans to sign up the price.

bidding adjustment costs increased by about 50%

? Zhang Xinwei said, in accordance with the contract, the bidding starts according to keyword search results page for the lowest price, otherwise it can not participate in the bidding. "Such as the words" litigation "was in the lowest bidding price of the home is only 0.94 yuan, but now the lowest bidding price has reached 1.26 yuan, if less than this price, can not participate in the auction."

?? Zhang said, his rough estimate, the minimum bid prices, he registered the keyword "litigation" costs increased by about 50%, and had expected the daily cost of 100 yuan, 50 yuan spent more in the invisible. And they want to continue to bid, we can only follow the rules formulated by Baidu Inc.

?? Zhang Xinwei with your username to login Baidu PPC customer management system, the reporter saw, in the "contract" the keywords for example, price has become 0.66 yuan, and the words "contract dispute" the starting price to 1.69 yuan.

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