Make a profit of $6000 over the course of one day by selling e-books

at 6 this morning, I pressed the send button and began to wait. In ten minutes, my Gumroad more than $1000, until now, income is still increasing.

I released my ebook "The App Handbook", which is a description of how to design a beautiful interface IOS procedures manual Design. I wrote this book for 3 months, and a total of 795 people ordered the book in advance. The original $1000 was from the list. Before I started writing this article, today’s sales amount has reached $6000.


is my preparation for the release of the new book:

distribution strategy

every book I’ve ever read about the release of a product says that you need to create a gimmick before the release. And my plan is to invite guest posts for my new book on the blog, and release some chapters in advance, so that people will be interested in my new book.

guest article

my original plan was to ask 15 famous people to write a guest article for me, but, unfortunately, I ended up with only about 5 people. The good news, however, is that it is a great honor for me to publish these articles on a site that is well known. The following is the title and address of the guest articles.

§ Think Traffic:From Store to $35000+ App in Newbie Profit

§ Pocket Changed: I My Job to Design iPhone Apps

Why Quit

§ Six Revisions: 5 Tips for Better Designing iPhone Simple Apps

§ Web Designer Common when designing Depot: for mistakes mobile

§ SpeckyBoy: 10 Tips Successfully Marketing iOS For Apps

according to Google analysis, these articles at least 500 visitors to my site.

mailing list

last fall, when I started app, I created several groups of mailing lists:

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