Yin Fei loan to help companies die also will be the first practitioner

text: Xu Xu

he had wanted to go Mohamed · the way of Yunus.

Yin Fei had hoped that he would be able to serve as a farmer’s Bank like Yunus. This focus on rural urbanization of small and micro gold clothing P2P platform loan to help network "is now facing a sum of up to 12 million 800 thousand yuan of overdue risk of collapse.

however, the whole industry is shocked, Yin Fei made adhere to the "do not reveal the position of investors. Yin Fei has reported this case to the Public Security Bureau, but in August, 3 months after the Public Security Bureau has not yet filed. Yin Fei and the loan to help network "fallback" also means that before they want to go all the legal procedures, the investment projects all the losses will be borne by the 500 individual investors on the matter.

before discussing the Yin Fei and loan to help network do not reveal all the positions, we look at the development of the company. In fact, "entrepreneurs" as early as 2011 this has interviewed 6 years of the company, who wrote "the village to young people watch" of rural microfinance organizations on a loan to help the rural microfinance services report.

serves as a bank for farmers

Yin Fei, a Jiangsu native, was born in rural areas, like most of the people who helped him. 1992, 16 year old Yin admitted to Tsinghua University, but failed to enter the computer department, was deployed in the Department of water. He doesn’t go to class, or even take an exam. He taught himself computer. He was out of school. Yin went to Shenzhen to join Zhang Shuxin founder of e-commerce company in Haiwei ying. Internet bubble burst, Yin candidates to enter the Shenzhen municipal commercial bank to build online banking. In 2002, the 26 year old Yin because the outstanding performance was promoted to Zheng Keji cadres in the young". Yin found that although the online banking excitement for a while, but far from the mainstream banking business. He began to self finance, finance, so as to intervene in SME lending business. 2006, Ping an acquisition of Shenzhen commercial bank, vice president in charge of Beixin Yin to the small and medium-sized enterprise credit value, becoming its secretary. Yin designed a small business credit without collateral and Guarantee Corporation program, due to the end of the bank mortgage culture can not be implemented. Yin very depressed.

this year, Yunus won the Nobel peace prize, let Yin believes he is right: "people have no collateral, for 30 years, helping so many poor people, risk control well, bad rate below 2%. We are less than 5 million yuan of loans do not do." In the bank for a new round of promotion, Yin lost. Double disappointment led to his resignation in June 2007.

Yin Fei wants to be a bank for farmers like Yunus. He can’t get a license in china. He can register microfinance companies, but not so much money (20 million yuan registered capital) and do not want to be restricted (not cross regional operations). He doesn’t want to break the law.


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