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uses natural ingredients to meet all kinds of skin’s desire is the purpose of DHC skin care. To this end, DHC with superb technology to develop products to meet customer needs. At present, DHC has been a high degree of attention to skin care, strict selection of Japanese brands trust. But also favored by many overseas people.

In order to make the

China Amy also enjoy the same with Japanese high-tech products, DHC for two years, through a rigorous review of the Ministry of health, China MHLW, finally realized "100% sales of all goods imported from Japan, it products from Japan to China.

type: CPS


* 4Standard: monthly sales order number 1, effective 99, percentage of actual sales amount of order 5%;

month sales order number 100 – 499, the actual sales amount of commission orders of $5.5%;

month sales order number 500 – 2000, the actual sales amount of commission orders of $6%;

month sales of more than 2000 orders of effective orders, the actual sales amount of commission orders 6.5%

please note: return data to 5% of the percentage of the record, according to the number of orders to adjust the proportion of settlement.

. The settlement period:


. The data return mechanism: real-time return

* advertising review mode: automatic audit

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on the first three months of the line to give sales incentives:

2007.12.15-2008.1.14 for the first award month

2008.01.15-2008.2.14 for second bonus month

2008.02.15-2008.3.14 for third bonus month

first prize: alliance member monthly effective sales of first, reward DHC $828 classic suit.

two prize: Union member effective sales 2-4, reward DHC about $200 a product.

three prize: Union member effective sales 5-14, reward DHC $100 Trial Pack of 30 packs.

(all prizes distributed in kind DHC prevail.


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