Amoy difficulties in PD, program back door, who moved my income

for many people, Taobao customers to promote it is not an easy thing, although there are a lot of people in the jar and how to quickly earn a lot of money. There is no denying that each industry has a master, really make a lot of money, but I believe that most people may not be able to earn a lot of money. In particular, there are some empty with enthusiasm, do not stand and procedures do not understand and want to use the site to promote a friend, even more so, the results of their hard work may be, but others have been mercilessly deprived.

A friend

once I know, do a simple website, do not play a long time, just a little income, always Qizaotanhei promotion, but found no income, then carefully check, only to find, do not know what time from the beginning, their website promotion link PID to the others. The site was hacked……

in addition, we may see that the jar total free share program, or to provide a platform to promote the. I have to admit that there are a lot of good people, they are really for the Taobao customer service, their profit model is not to do Taobao guest promotion, but do Taobao customer service. But I have to say here a lot of people have an ulterior motive. Some people, free sharing program, but left the back door in them, and then let everyone to share to you, this is what they call viral promotion, I encountered this situation; some people, their own money to buy a set of other procedures, their hands out to sell, may not understand the structure of a program, also dare not committed to customer service service, which not only harms the interests of developers, but also do harm to the interests of the people to buy the program, I have encountered this situation, because I was struggling to find a good website program. I also do the program, I also find a number of companies to consult, to customize a your own system, prices are more than 3 digits, for those digits to sell the quality of the program and the background, we provide some people, as can be imagined; promotion platform, but dynamically coupled with a lot of their own the promotion of goods in the page, their platform did not flow, pointing to the use of the platform to help him promote…… Is called, the sky will not fall pie, no profit and not go.

tell me what some might say, how do you say some of the dark side? Of course, I have to admit that there are a lot of good, but today I will not praise here. Because today the focus of this issue is to discuss, who moved my income? I hope to have the income of the black experience of friends to talk about.

finally, I have to say a little, I see a lot of friends, found no income or income is black, it is attributed to Ali mother. Although Taobao guest system is indeed sometimes there may be a loss of a single situation, but I think, for Ali mother such a company, intends to go to black people’s money, it is impossible. Ali mother launched Taobao customers to promote the system of profit model, should not this, this kind of practice, many small companies are contemptible behavior. Implementing the Taobao strategy

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