Taobao to do a single page of a few must understand the knowledge


Google China’s exit, small webmaster friends seem to feel some adverse effects. I also have to do Adsense a year, 80% of traffic from the search engine, and Google accounted for more than 75% of the search traffic. One can imagine, Google’s exit, has given us these traffic by eating a small head of a great impact, Google included sharp drop, traffic plummeted, Adsense revenue is only about 30% of the previous. Ma and the timely launch of Taobao alliance, has whipped a whirlwind in the small owners.


customers becomes more and more serious reality can not be denied, but the real profit in the webmaster how many webmaster friends? Don’t be this vain illusion is veiled, only to establish a content rich website is a long-term plan to do Taobao customers. Before you start your Taobao customer, please consider your target of Taobao. Do you still want Taobao off is a long-term plan for short-term profits? If long-term, recommended the establishment of a site with CMS, really do it, not to collect. Many webmaster friends are very concerned about the Baidu included quantity, but the amount collected more than what is the significance is keyword weight is low, do not bring traffic, it is vain to conceal its fragile after. If you want short-term profits, you can try to promote a single page, but the drawback is that it is easy to do rankings, but not long, on my own experience, generally 1 months.

next focus on a single page to do a few points of attention Taobao guest:

1, website source code selection. Since a single page, Html static page is undoubtedly the best, but the selection of the template must be beautiful, generous. Put yourself in the user’s point of view to consider, in order to improve the conversion rate, after all, conversion rate is an important indicator of the success of Taobao customers.

2, Taobao customer choice. Taobao to do a single page, the product must be high commission, because the current single page Taobao customers bring a lot of traffic to the webmaster friends rarely, if the Commission is too low, a day more than ten million income is not much significance. At present, Taobao customers in the Commission of a higher product mainly breast enhancement, weight loss products, of course, digital product commission is also high, but its single piece is too high, it is still a little difficult to promote.

3, the choice of keywords. Taobao to do a single page, you need to be directed flow, which is to bring the flow of transformation. The best directional traffic is from the search engine, but also the kind of people who are prone to impulse buying. For example, lose weight, what people have needs for losing weight? They are all through what keywords to search for their own needs slimming products, these are skills (I will write an article about I will choose single page Taobao keywords guest)

4, Taobao sellers reputation, which is a lot of friends to do Taobao guest ignore the problem, but also did not open up the secret. People often wonder why my flow is high, but also quality, but it can not bring the conversion. Before I >

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