Ali Mama please don’t flicker!

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

      online rumors of Ali mother and domain name a series derived: Uncle Ali, Ali kept woman… But….., I always thought it was a spoof, do not believe that Ali’s products are authentic.

      but the day before yesterday received Ali alliance paid mail, encourages people to register today. What users received more Ali alliance into the Ali Mama Easy Access mail. Since Ali alliance again and again linked to that view is really a family, that I will follow Easy Access look inside, is really true the relevant data, Ali alliance has been imported into Ali mother. Internet rumors will destroy the rumors Ali alliance appears to be true, not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

      this is the top of the first king of the flag, signs of change one after another, but by doing this what is the difference between the way things and a small personal webmaster, do not go on, change the meter. The original YAHOO Alliance ( owe me 99.31 yuan, has been said to pay does not give, July 2006 to now for a whole year, estimated early events such as clouds, so paid. Replace the YAHOO union Ali Alliance ( this time to have all the data to guide the Ali Mama, there is reason to believe that this alliance will run Ali, but until today I account and the balance of 72.63 yuan, there is sufficient reason to believe that the balance is out of reach! The money is not much, but always learn to behave well when the last time!

      this is what is called a big company, a great company of good faith!

      say something about Ali mother I personally do not look good, the whole is copying other people’s model, nothing new. Just under the big tree. Advertising platform for the sale of domestic people have already done, but there are a few companies have the ability to judge the time to choose the site to put it? Foreign Adbrite ( is doing this for many years.

      as to the registration of the vast majority of small and medium-sized webmaster, to receive advertisement is very difficult, received a high value of advertising is more difficult, the final result is left advertising position help Ali mother hanging free advertising.

      editor’s comment: after reading this article, I was aware of a problem, that is, >

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