Reward Jiangsu excellent personal website in Admin5 station banner round of advertising, you also ha

      as long as your site can attract visitors, a good website not only by the brilliant appearance, also rely on their own internal content, not just rely on the acquisition to fill the page, even if the copy is also copied a character, copied to edit articles, for example said tidy paragraphs, remove some useless statements, fix typos, then you also carefully.

      I often go to a website, is the classic game Raiders and download games are inside, childhood childhood memories of the game, although there are some website navigation slightly confusion, but the site still can clearly distinguish it, and not with CMS, no such skills, each page is the author of a software like frontpage do HTML page, even if the speed is very slow to access

      this is a website with no gorgeous skill, is on pure content to attract users, each game articles are written quite good, have unique personal ideas, attracted me

      I don’t care to do a small bamboo, Baner round that can have the opportunity in the Admin5 station based advertising to show their website, in fact, the user is our best support, so this will be places for long,

to support Admin5 Jiangsu station

      so, as long as you are in Jiangsu personal website, think to do good, there is a unique content, so please

      and to contact a Moderator: QQ:2589310

      then there will be a chance to show your site

in the Admin5 round of the Baner ad

      requirements: must be Jiangsu webmaster    

      presentation format: describe the characteristics of your site, in the face of what user groups, to talk about the personal intentions of their own website

      so, who will have the opportunity! Lucky Admin5 waiting for you!!

      application address: Tid=30640& extra=page%3D1

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