Vientiane, the capital of winter the golden age of the entrepreneur

days to the ground, a vast gray. The oncoming person hurried footsteps, wearing masks, and don’t wear. The 22 year old Celia is that any protective measures do not, she stood on the side of the road, looking at the heavy traffic, silent, smoke.

a cigarette burn, she in the circle of friends to write down these words: haze days, smoking seems to have started up at the. In late October, the eaves team CEO said the budget is tight, half of all wages, she quietly accepted this reality, to encourage themselves this is the norm of entrepreneurship, and now the investment environment is so good.

and after one week, the company because of financial money, following the team disbanded. This is her first venture failed opener. She thought of his first venture, filled with blood, in the circle of friends, said: entrepreneurship, do it right. Did not know, perhaps the project will die tomorrow, but do not even doomed to live the possibility of being killed. Who cares and so what."

did not want to be. A week ago, she said to sina science and technology, if the money can not melt within a month, the team will not work. In the end, the deadline was shortened to a week. Next, she just graduated, to join other mobile Internet business team, because this is where the heart is.

the past two years, venture capital has also helped the media circle be in full swing, and entrepreneurial team such as the emergence of bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Once investors have said, a lot of hot money, unlike in the past is a team in the money, money today is looking for the team. After Zhang Ying Jingwei venture poured cold water poured down, reflecting public opinion.

good investment and financing environment is good, the winter is approaching? Entrepreneurs should worry about how to prepare for

?Behind the

entrepreneurs fanatical capital undercurrent

that wandering in the streets of Celia, has now gone through the formalities for leaving the house, just because the roof of the product has not yet died on the line, melt into the seeds but not angel. Before the team officially broke up, she sat down with her partner to talk about why she failed.

, in fact, the development of our team and did not keep up with demand, we are doing this project to rent, and not from the heart of the identity of this thing. It’s not the area of interest, it’s not what we’re good at." Celia frankly, at the same time, CEO responsible, not good at flicker investors."

like Celia so, 35 young people hit it off, with one foot in the ivory tower, the other foot has entered the big melting pot society, on their own and the environment are poorly understood, frantically into the field of entrepreneurship, in the absence of surfing before stranded on the beach of the team beyond count.

we see a lot of young teams do not understand the capital, took a kind of hope to get the attitude of capital recognition. But this is wrong, don’t do things for financing. Entrepreneurs in the business will always face

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