Dotting the pedigree of advertising advertising

      they should be in 2007 Chinese advertising network advertising alliance in the most legendary company, in a very short period of time the development of a large number of high-quality advertisers and publishers, has become a leader in embedded advertising keywords.

      precision marketing advertising (the dotting advertising) is a network of Internet users are most concerned about the final page of the main text as the carrier, real-time analysis of reader behavior and web pages, according to the correlation between the interest of consumers and the content of the article, automatically tag keywords, and through semantic matching system, the implementation of new forms of online advertising ads with text matching precision.

      dotting advertising three characteristics:

      first, accurate. Real time analysis of user behavior, knowing the preferences of the audience, advertising and web page text and audience interest through the combination of precise semantic matching system, watch the demographics, to achieve a precise advertising.

      two, intelligence. Dig the media resources, to create a new profit space, advertising media does not occupy the existing resources, does not affect the page speed, contact way to break the passive acceptance, triggered by netizens fully active, intelligent form greatly enrich website content, to bring users new browsing experience.

      three, actual effect. They know the needs of customers, customer interests as the starting point, and strive to bring real benefits to the customers. Faithfully record and analyze the behavior of Internet users, to provide customers with reliable data, according to the actual effect of pay, truly low input, high returns.

      key is released in the network eventually in the pages of text, advertising intelligent advertisement completely by the audience active trigger, when the audience’s interest keywords, as long as the cursor key words, keywords will appear near the floating window advertising related. The audience can read the contents of the ad, you can also click on the ad into the advertising content contains links to the site.

      floating window advertising can carry dotting text ads, image ads, carousel advertising, flash advertising, video ads and other forms of advertising, and the floating window exquisite appearance glorified, bring the audience very visual experience.

      text advertisement

      brand and product advertising is the most economical and practical forms of advertising, the text as an advertising carrier, the production of simple, comprehensive information bearing, direct performance.


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