Confessions of a serial entrepreneur entrepreneurship is not bitter, but loneliness

introduction: founded in 2009, P2P lending platform for student loan ha, let him penniless. In 2012, he began his third venture, the online laundry website.


was born in 1983, Yao Zong field, has been pioneering three times. In 2005 the creation of Bain advertising, which earned him 2 million yuan of venture capital. In 2009 the establishment of P2P lending platform for student loan ha, let him penniless. In 2012, he began his third venture, the online laundry website.

washing Thai flute in Shanghai, in July this year to get 10 million yuan A round of financing from investment institutions invested in SF express yuan wo origin. The world’s first online laundry site, in June this year to get $10 million 500 thousand A round of financing in the United States and the United States is also the application of laundry washing in the Thai flute after washing Washio.

Yao is a very interested in the field and good at the use of external forces. His team has 3 people, all older than him, including his angel investor 23Seed founder and former YAHOO’s CEO application Danji what Yingqi. Yao every week will have a phone call with them to discuss how to solve the problem, and the consultant team is still expanding. He also found a set of warehouse location model on his own, each time the model selected address is in McDonald’s, near Starbucks (transportation).

Thai flute washing has launched the current version of the page and the mobile terminal, is about to enter Beijing, Nanjing and other markets, the number of orders per month stable in more than 10 thousand single.

following is Yao Zong field readme:

first venture

university is the art, art is a very expensive professional, so during the university I started to do part-time job in the outside. At that time what has been done, but also in the summer to brush the billboard.

after graduation, I worked in two advertising companies, but found no creative companies in china. So in 2003, around 2004, I started my own business, to do a creative advertising company. Because I study early, when the age of 20.

was looking for a lot of advertising companies are looking for ways to get a rebate. We are characterized by creative force, but the drawback is that there is no way to find a relationship, give kickbacks.

so we thought of an idea to advertise ourselves. We in the "Forbes" magazine, the Economic Observer newspaper put their own ads. Because the idea is very good, some foreign companies take the initiative to find the door to let us do advertising.

is a good way for foreign companies to be creative. Because the international advertising company in Chinese action is too slow, the change is two or three days; and too expensive, a page of thousands of pieces of big projects offer millions.

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