Blog will become the main source of online advertising revenue

blog is the most explosive event in the information age after the advent of the Internet, will affect all walks of life. Of course, there are still a lot of people who have never read a web log, according to data released by the Pew Research Center, only 27% of u.s.. However, there are currently 9 million Web logs on the Internet, and continue to grow at a rate of 40 thousand per day. Even if 99.9% of them have nothing to do with our own, there are still more than 40 new logs every day worth our attention.

publications have been the mainstream of the media, but compared to the release of the cost of the web log is almost zero, any one person can be registered in less than 10 minutes to become a blog. Prior to this, the selection and distribution of news is in the hands of editors, and now a good blog can also have a large number of readers. In other words, the distinction between the media and the public has ceased to exist, the concept of mass media has been subverted, the blog created a truly popular media.

blog in the end will be what kind of impact on the enterprise? Here are three examples to illustrate some of the problems:

(1) young programmers Mark Jane (Mark Jen) because in his weblog published inappropriate content and was fired from Google, he is so famous. At present, the company still has hundreds of Google ten blog, analysts believe that the move is to set an example of Google.

(2) General Motors regards the blog as an excellent opportunity to guide the operation of its public relations department in this way and influence the reporting of the mainstream media. In January this year, GM vice chairman of the board of directors Bob root (Bob Lutz) also launched his weblog.

(3) public relations firm CooperKatz & Director Steve – Co. Rubel (Steve Rubel) is also a blog, his main job is to help businesses monitor those talking about the company’s network log, for public relations and crisis control. Mike – kaltschnee (Mike Kaltschnee) is also engaged in a similar occupation, he is currently the main work for Netflix, although he has claimed that Netflix did not pay him.

some people may have such questions, Blog will not be the next bubble? The answer is "no"". The reason is very simple, the initial establishment of the blog was only $60 million in venture capital, and in 1999 the company received a total of $19 billion 900 million in venture capital. Network companies need programmers, budget and office environment, the need to invest a lot of money, and the blog just ordinary user computer before, they have no budget and business plan, do not need to invest a lot of money, but also a bubble does not exist.

blog is not yet a mature business model, but why the Internet giants have to find a foothold in this field

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