Google AdSense threshold is not high

recently made a novel download station -txt novel bus, has been trying to put Google AdSense, but unfortunately no account, a lot of friends say Google AdSense is now difficult to apply. There are 1 necessary conditions, the station needs to be established in more than six months. I also give this to scare, all the new station, where more than half a year. Later, I heard my friends said that as long as the content of the station, corn reached more than half a year.

yesterday evening, I do not go on at night, 2 hours of playing CS, did not feel, do not play, then used to Admin5 to visit, I believe most of the webmaster and I think, must think of Google AdSense station.

I remember I had an almost full meter., Lima went to the volcano to apply for a free 100M space, would like to use this meter to apply Google AdSense. I have thought, a novel variable star station, such as xingchenbian999, but the Volcano Cluster free space did not support ASP, he did not like to use the new cloud, looking for a long time are not suitable, so had to use his love with a Bo-Blog program. Next, it is nothing more than a diary, like the addition of the more than and 20 chapter star novel.

finished it all, I registered a Gmail account, with this account to apply for Google AdSense. After I finished, I also worry about Google not to pass it, because the content of the is nothing more than the more than and 20 chapter yesterday with the novel.

just came to school at noon, came to the Internet cafe, landed on the gmail. ha ha, a letter, the successful application. Photo card:

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