Le bee network with Li Jing chat electricity supplier is not so difficult

Li Jing is a legendary woman, she was a CCTV show host, and later resigned to do their own TV show, and successfully sold to television. Her company Oriental popular get Sequoia Capital Shen Napeng investment, founded the cosmetics electricity supplier website Le bee network.

today, Lasafo has over 5 years of age, the recent infighting 5 anniversary promotions, and jumei.com is attracting users and industry attention to the eye, I visited lefeng.com at this point, she was in Li Jing’s office for a brief interview. Close contact with Li Jing, found that she is a very kind and sincere person, in front of subordinates without the leadership of shelves, but like a close sister, word emotional frankness, not a circle, and will be particularly careful to speak a lot of extension, ask a question she could not speak Tao Tao for half an hour.

for such a cross-border venture, people in the Internet industry will be concerned about a problem, you do not have electricity supplier experience, how to do ah? Li Jing said: electricity supplier is not so difficult.

in fact, I think everyone gives their psychological hint, that I do not know I am a layman, but today, the fifth years of Le bee, I will never think about it this way. Because I have doubled, the electronic commerce China only for many years, I come into contact with many business people, including the aged is the same, the original media magazine editor in chief, who will do it, no one will do. That is, we are ourselves to scare ourselves.

Chinese e-commerce these people have done in a particular field, for example, Liu Qiangdong was originally doing 3C, wheat bag is also the original package, but no online. Cosmetics I did, and very understand, beautiful blonde 6 years, many of the original customers have now become lefeng.com settled brand.

before Lasafo, I hosted many international brands in the China conference, I do not like the others, others have a rest in the background of water, I sit there and watch it on PPT, this product is how, what is the marketing strategy.

I now feel that the past six years is simply heaven arranged in the establishment of Le bee network ready. I began to do music bee network, I understand than the procurement, I do not think this thing is so difficult, how difficult to do their own brand. I wrote my first manual, and then what I wanted to sell.

also said, I did not sell anything, but my past ten years my program to advertisers and e-commerce, this is a common.

business is very important, but there is a wrong from the right to use the process. You are wrong, because you don’t know what are you going to use, I think a lot of the interview is very absurd, you find that you use instead of him in the past, in fact you even you need jobs you have not understood, this is I pay a lot of cost.

we really eat a lot of money in the market, because it is true that we

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