Game trading website development (two)

virtual goods trading prospects

Following the "

game websites development situation" after the release, users reacted strongly, I continue to work overtime on.

comfortable houses, designer clothes, premium cars, and even a Cuban cigar…… These in life make people ponder for goods in the world also need. Those who do not understand the virtual goods can also be used as commodity trading, those who have not yet found that China’s virtual goods market has gradually formed the people. The heart is only a misunderstanding, they think the game is just entertainment, but in fact the game is game community, is life, it is necessary to have the game field in the boundless universe.

whether or not people agree with the fact that the psychological, but for nearly 30 million Chinese online game players, they have put the game into life. In fact, it is not the game itself that builds the virtual space of the network game, but it is the players who are enjoying the fun of the game. It is they who build the virtual world, and they want it from the world. So there will be demand and purchase, so virtual world virtual goods have their own value.

first, the Chinese virtual goods trading process

early game related transaction is derived from the game cards sales channels blocked, many parts of the game player, especially some small and medium-sized city in the game player due to the purchase of the card, can not continue the game. Therefore only in the game through the purchase of other city card game player, in the course of time will form a sale channel in the game, and then this passage also serves other trading equipment. Today, although the online various means of payment has been basically formed, but the game Dianka sales situation is still widespread, this is because many local pay game player is still poor, one reason is that many game player learned to play with a network of a network, to play, they put the game currency can be converted into RMB through a comparison, so try to get the game currency in the game, and then use these coins to buy game cards, to pay RMB to continue the game, what is more, they will direct the game currency sales, resulting in real renminbi.

in the middle of virtual goods trading has developed into a large number of items including card sales, sales, including game equipment, game characters and items etc.. In addition, the game currency exchange way has become diverse, in addition to the previous "between money and money transactions, also spawned a generation of leveling, brush equipment etc..

today, we can find innumerable companies are doing a variety of related virtual goods business on the Internet, most of them are Internet cafes boss or a game guild. Their existence is real and hidden. They don’t have a long-term and stable development strategy like a real company

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