Taobao guest novice win to create the most profitable single page

days to receive a Wangwang message about Taobao, customer promotion, I think there is a reference value, especially the screenshot, you can look at.


is a gang of address, I click to open a look, originally this person is finishing off the Taobao hot single product, then the group want to promote, because want to not allow Taobao passenger link directly, so the flexible released to the gang, and then promote the. Do not look down on this Taobao customer promotion, absolute way to make money.

before sharing, I first talk about this method must know a few things:

1) website promotion is SEO, this is the wrong idea, SEO is only a very small part of the site promotion, SEO is also the final departure from the search engine.

2) do not necessarily have to do a large amount of information on the site is considered the most Taobao.

3) promotion of products is not the more the better, but the less the better.

website source code 4) is not a straw, promotion is the kingly way.

first said that the website promotion more than SEO.

a lot of people, especially the webmaster, is the search engine spoiled, because a good keyword is to get hundreds of thousands of IP, I also was one of the spoiled people, after contact with Taobao customers, slowly aware search engine and how important it is to keep a distance, like in the search engine the lion in the cage, I like being chased into the lion’s cage, finally catch my people away, when I am proud, has found himself trapped in a danger not come out. The SEO from the search engine traffic can only be a temporary solution, when the search engine is K off, will find themselves like into the lion cage so terrible, because it is used by search engine, and forget the rest of the promotion, search engine K off, out of helpless situation.

followed by saying: do not necessarily need to be a large amount of information website is Taobao

I think – now Taobao is making a mistake, especially the new Taobao customers, love your site has a lot of baby, want to put off the all participate in the Taobao baby dragged into his Taobao site, we first look at what is the equivalent of Taobao Taobao customers, customer shopping guide, that is you recommended to the user recommend all the baby, baby, it’s the lack of professional standards, the user does not have any reason to trust you. But as this website is not worth browsing, do good people good So a large amount of information, but not to the customers, because much longer, but people, so Taobao customers never to think to do much. But to the direction of specialization.

say: the promotion of the product is not the more the better, but the less the better

a lot of Taobao customers complain about it

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