On the choice of a high priced Google site theme

      we all know that if you do a good advertising GG website theme, then the price will be much higher gg. How to choose a good theme?

      the following is what we want to say: free virtual hosting, study abroad, English learning, network security, Puer tea, financial management and so on are highly valuable topics. We choose one in the middle. Friends will ask how do you know these topics are of high value? The method is very simple, we analyze the profit of a product, the higher the profit it can pay the higher the advertising. For example, UPS power supply, the profit is relatively high, the general price of its advertising is considerable. At the same time, we must pay attention to another aspect, a product of high profits, but his competition is not fierce, so its price is not high, such as in the emergence of a lot of stations on the legendary advertising, the price is not high. Because the field of advertising on the Google is not much on Baidu, the competition is not fierce. By combining these two, we can make sure that the values of those subjects are high.

      the value of the subject is not sufficient cause high we determine to do this theme, we also need to analyze our competitors, such as "money" the word, we can query through the Baidu and Google have the website do in this topic, we can exceed it. If we find. Rival PR5, PR6, it is recommended to do this topic do not, because you are very difficult to go beyond google. If the opponent in PR4 or so, to prove that we have hope.

      you may find that one or several large-scale website ranking is always high in a subject, we don’t need to worry about this, because the independent domain name in the search engine rankings in weight than the directory to. The same content, do not consider the external connection on the basis of the independent domain name ranking higher than the list of www.puercha999.cn higher than the ranking of edu.qq.com/en/cet. If we find that the opponent has a very high popularity, the amount of data is very large, but rarely included in the search engine (included less because general page as dynamic or cheating), so we hope to come, we use blog to do, can be included up beyond the opponent from the search engine.

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