Light weight loss products class station how to win in the competition

as far as I know, now do weight-loss products Taobao station, innumerable. If you do not believe, you go to Baidu to search for weight loss drug list, I can guarantee that, from the first page to the top tenth pages, are doing slimming drug products top-level domain name. And more than 80% of the stations are single page form of Taobao passenger network. There are a lot of weight Taobao Webmaster Station a headache, because the optimal weight loss drug list the word true is too difficult, too much competition, in my opinion, the difficulty of the word after the optimization of the word "SEO". The structure of the site is basically the same, the optimization methods and means of the webmaster is basically similar, so if we can stand out from so many competitors?.

I also have such a slimming products to do a single page station, the main key is the weight loss drug list. A month before the word weight loss drug list, my ranking was 60 a few, my site in Baidu sixty name, for around 40 days, ranking did not change much. Look at the weight loss of the number of Taobao off a day more than a day, my heart is very anxious. If you go on like this, with the increasing number of competitors, my station may never have a chance to go up. At this time, I passed the test, found that Baidu algorithm has a new change: if the content of the website is the original, but also by other websites reproduced more, then give the website Baidu weight will be higher. In fact, this is the original Baidu, but recently Baidu has increased the number of articles reproduced weight. So I use the method is: every day to write two times on the weight loss of the original article (for which I have access to a lot of information on weight loss, and strive to improve the quality of the article). Then I opened ten high weight blog (Baidu, Sina), etc. I website article is Baidu included later, I put this article wholly intact sent to these blogs, at the same time, I also went to Baidu, Taobao, sina Post Bar community community to contribute, at the same time I site take the link (note here is the URL, but not type anchor text link). So I’ve been holding on for ten days. Ten days later, I was surprised to find that there are many websites reproduced wholly intact my article, also false original processing some websites on my article. Just a month’s time, my chain number from more than and 900, an increase of more than 2 thousand, while Baidu rankings from sixty to a dozen.

facts prove that Baidu really pay attention to the number of articles reproduced this assessment criteria. In fact, every time Baidu algorithm changes, but the weight of each parameter is different, but the basic parameters of variables, will never change, such as the content of the update, the number of articles reproduced, etc.. Because Baidu is not willing to put the content of the site, or never change the site to the front row. It will not be in front of the site has never looked ahead.


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