VC said to see people, see people! What kind of entrepreneurs are most likely to achieve super unico

Abstract: Frontline investors are saying: "look at the trend and look at things, the most important thing is that people, is CEO, is the team". Entrepreneurship can succeed in the final analysis is still to be seen as things people, entrepreneurs seize the air outside their own quality, is the key to create $one billion unicorn and super unicorn.

investors every day thinking about how to cast a unicorn, how to judge a larger probability of winning the founder. Investment in the first person, in the judgment model of VC, what kind of entrepreneurs are most likely to grow into a super Unicorn


seven is not large but do, golden laws and precious rules, from the unicorn will last step:

a, passion for the product, have a deep understanding of the industry

entrepreneurial motivation is the initial indicators of venture capital entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are in order to start a business, or really want to do something to make money and fame and fortune, to make the world a little better things, spiritual temperament and can reach the height is very different. Entrepreneurs love the product, to do their own dedication to the success of the obsession, is able to infect the team.

in addition, entrepreneurs can not be a field and industry observer, is not an empty talk and lack of understanding of industry "outsider".

are you going to have a profound understanding and insight into the market, the market positioning of their products is very clear — the clear trend, the market clearly the current market forms, existing competitors, the user generally needs to solve the user pain points, and on this basis to adjust their product function, improve product frame.

two, ambitious, wolf

entrepreneurs desire for success and the internal driving force is something premise from the heart want to do what he is doing is made, using a variety of methods to achieve victory in the competition, and the challenges in the face of very tough and persistent.

many entrepreneurs are too weak and soft, the lack of the ability to solve the problem quickly and effectively. To become a CEO, to lead the team in the fierce competition in the market to blaze a new trail, there must be a wolf, dare to enter the market to compete with others for, dare to fight in the melee in the rapid occupation of the market.

of course, with the wolf, dare to fight is not rash, it is the combination of wisdom and courage.

three, accurate judgment

excellent strategic observation can help you choose the right track and industry. You can see new opportunities in this industry chain, others do not see the market demand, and find a good way to cut into the market, it means that you have a more successful than others. Once they find themselves in the wrong direction of waste of resources and experience, not persistent, able to stop quickly, quickly respond to change direction.

four, highly focused


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