Dongsheng how to accelerate the transformation of traditional enterprise nternet road

transformation has now become a very sensitive topic, many companies are involved, are busy looking for their own transformation of the road, hoping to quickly realize the further development of enterprises, so that enterprises can survive in this era to raging like a storm, not to be abandoned in the era.


is a new process system is an important basis for the transformation on the road to revolutionize the process of enterprise system, in order to allow enterprises to adapt to the times, in order to change the current situation of the development of enterprises are worrying, inject new vitality for the development of enterprise development, so full of life and bring new opportunities for the development of enterprises, make the road becomes more smooth.

The change of

ideal is good, but the biggest problem is that business transformation is a need to continue to explore the road, need to explore and verify the stop on this road, to find their own path of development, rapid investment, and then quickly enter new markets.

in the field of continuous exploration on the road, the original flow system can’t adapt to the existing work, if you continue to use the original system to deal with the transition process, a variety of business on the road, often there will be a variety of unresolved situation, you may not get the desired effect, the efficiency of enterprises will be affected.

When will

, into which the innovation is undoubtedly the best choice, innovation is the transformation of the way the most important productive forces, is now in the disruptive change, only can let the enterprise in the transformation of the way, an important opportunity to survive, innovative ideas always appear in an immature environment, it needs more is converted to the product or service, and in this process, especially in the process of traditional enterprise transformation, this transformation is extremely needed.

but not all businesses need the same innovation, different enterprises have different innovation process, if in accordance with the conventional process to innovation, I am afraid that many enterprises are unable to achieve a lifetime estimation of the transition is successful, only the combination of innovation and development of enterprises, to the transformation of the way out on the Internet, a new road.

some struggle in the transformation road of the enterprise, the first time to make the right strategy, almost is a very difficult thing, because the future is unpredictable, but these people also cannot predict what the future holds, then "hypothesis" appears in a false premise, always. Make some decisions, and these "hypothetical" once the changes will lead to a variety of decision-making process change, at this time, "hypothesis" decision-making more needs to be constantly improved and verified, and turn it into a more comprehensive strategy.

In the "

hypothesis" on the road, every enterprise continues to explore, once in the course of action, to find some effective strategies to implement strictly, is a very important thing, especially those who are the managers of the enterprise managers.

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