The recovery of O2O—– in the eyes of Liu Yi from the city of waste resources in hidden treasures

growth: from driver to general manager

rebel and toss Liu Yi, 14 years old from world experience growth, running through the site, and a long, open rental, did the driver, but he said: "what is this, don’t toss it, how do I know do you want?"


and most of the boys, Liu Yi primary school when the results is also underlined, but after entering junior high school, began a variety of mischievous and rebellious, the second semester final exam, he in the papers and write their names and not leave any ink away from the classroom. That year, at the age of 14, he left the campus, his parents can count things broken heart, to repeat, brother class transfer relationship on secondary school, spend more time after finally realized that he does not belong to the campus.

he’s eager to see the world outside. Then, in 1999, south of a young man who carries the dream of the influx of migrant workers in Shenzhen in. At the age of 19 when he first arrived in Shenzhen, see the world, simply shocked! Stand in the most expensive land building entrance, lifting up his eyes, a strong sense of vertigo hit, he knew that touch the pocket, no extra top costs, some of his frustration. However, the city of all kinds of beautiful and constantly stimulate the nerves of his struggle until today.

in order to survive, he had done on line, merchandisers, until the Wrigley Company, just find the direction. From Arrow to totole, he in the FMCG industry working is 8 years, he is from an ordinary business on behalf of growth for regional manager. This experience has trained him in the market development ability and the management ability, has laid the solid foundation for the later.

The tenth year

to Shenzhen to fight, he recruits yiyatong thirty years of age, and served as sales director, general manager, general manager, regional general manager of the company. It was in such a strict management of the listed companies, kaijiangtuotu. 2013, when he served as general manager of Zhejiang, he led the integration of mergers and acquisitions of four enterprises, the annual growth of business scale of 5 hundred million, the contribution of nearly ten million profit. More than 6 years, he turned from luxury sales management business management elite, reinforce the entrepreneurial foundation.

Entrepreneurship: standardized recycling services

just had come to Shenzhen to seek a broader world, in 2015, he decided to give up in the eternal Asia attractive option and rich in salary, a Internet plus the East, saw the field of recycling, began a second venture – "help recovery".


with the rapid development of urban economy, the elimination of waste materials will enter the peak period, the resource recycling industry began to flourish. Prior to this, due to the transaction information is blocked, a single channel of recycling, waste resources, lack of evaluation criteria, the mobility of employees, people on the

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