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in general, and the quantity of leucorrhea matter will be affected by the menstrual cycle, menstruation, vaginal discharge rate inside will be reduced, and the color is showing white, as well as a state of the paste, but prior to menstruation have different symptoms, so, aunt before leucorrhea with this question? Read the following to find the answer.

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when women during the menstrual period, when ovarian nearing ovulation, cervical gland secretion will be very strong, when the leucorrhea increased, and showing a transparent and slightly sticky like egg white like, and in two to three days after ovulation, the vagina drainage will change turbid, sticky and the amount will be reduced, while passing through the before and after, due to pelvic congestion, vaginal mucosal exudation will increase, leucorrhea often increase.

women in the menstrual period before, there will be some symptoms, we usually say that this is a sign to menstruation, the leucorrhea symptoms of menstruation is fast, is due to physiological reasons, is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not worry too much.

in the period before the menstrual period will have leucorrhea, leucorrhea, thin and transparent, and after ovulation before menstruation leucorrhoea becomes sticky and turbid and less, women during pregnancy and before menstruation will have leucorrhea increased phenomenon. In addition, some women in the two menstrual cycle in the middle of the ovulation period or after the fatigue, leucorrhea will also increase the phenomenon, which is associated with menstrual leucorrhea increased, the same is a normal phenomenon.

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to leucorrhea? The above content has made a detailed introduction, hope can help to you, in the period and in the menstrual period or when menstruation just finished, the body will have some changes, there is a normal physiological phenomenon, but in the big aunt before leucorrhea the increase is a normal physiological phenomenon, but do not worry too much.

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