Looking into the classified information network, there is no need to hesitate to find information

in recent years, the Internet smoke four onwards, businesses have taken their eyes to the Internet, a variety of information on the Internet continues to enrich and expand. According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) statistics, as of the end of June 2008, the number of Internet users in China reached 253 million for the first time, significantly more than the United States, the netizen scale ranks first in the world. The information users and beyond count extremely large number of gathered into a bright spot in the new era, the network information is its comprehensive, high efficiency, scalability and can participate in the rapid penetration into the lives of thousands of households.


in the past, people find information is mostly through the search site, with information of rapid growth, people on the information searching efficiency and accuracy requirements increased, so many classified information sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the times require.

as the application platform, classified information website to meet the needs of users, solve the problem that people with high precision of the basic necessities of life, it is not only a platform for information dissemination and query, but also committed to service businesses of local network marketing promotion services, can also provide the network application of website construction, local promotion, mobile phone query, recruitment and promotion of a one-stop solution for small and medium enterprises, it is the number of categories and clarity, but more important is more true and detailed information, effectively meet the people in the new period of the new requirements of fast accurate information retrieval. For example, Shandong classified information – Shandong trade network, is one of the representative. Open this website, home page classification is very clear, real estate, cars, personal world, job Plaza, catering, entertainment and so on, with all kinds of information that people need to live. And then open the specific categories, such as catering delicacy, inside the content is careful: fast food takeaway, tea restaurant, Western-style food and so on more than 10 categories of introduction, address and telephone number of the corresponding class corresponding store, and with pictures, users can also comment on the message store, really carefully at home. For example, sports, football, basketball and other small doors, and its corresponding sports venues address, telephone and charging standards are listed, almost can solve the demand for sports needs of the crowd of information. Classified information network is precisely because of this kind of information, classification, content and other advantages and more and more users have been accepted by more and more enterprises and businessmen are highly respected.

as an Internet application front line of big city such as Beijing’s first attempt to use classified information platform, along with the small and medium-sized city Internet surge in the number of parts of the city residents have begun to use the network of life information query and release. Experts predict that by 2009, the application of Internet life in China’s two or three tier cities will enter a period of rapid development, and the use of classified information platform will become more popular in the world.

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