Determine some details about the development of grassroots team and grassroots webmaster

a few years ago, a kind of fate, a coincidence, a dream of persistent and impulse, I and friends together to plan business, during three years of bitterness, eventually ended in failure. As the development of a PHP enthusiast, I am both a developer and a grassroots webmaster, some of the details today I from the perspective of grassroots webmaster briefly as a grassroots team and grassroots webmaster should grasp, I hope to achieve the dream or plan to realize the dream of grassroots help. If you’re a developer, when you decide to join the Internet to make your dreams come true, be aware of the role changes, and you’re no longer just a developer. If you are not a developer, as a grass root webmaster, learning a little development knowledge will also make your vision more open.

team builds


project involves any first team, I think the team concept is not the number of people, is a team, a person is also a team, the team composition details are very important, mainly related to the industry distribution, wide knowledge, team learning ability and team execution. Communication ability etc.. When we set up the team, everyone is born to the technology development, industry is actually very strange, this leads to easy from a developer’s point of view to think about the questions, in later more and more confused, more and more difficult to do. So in the build team, the team had a deeper understanding of the industry involved can understand is very necessary, the best industry practitioners, can avoid detours, it can also be helpful for the future operation; if the individual is engaged in his own field of advice. Only in this way can we grasp the needs of the industry and the needs of users.

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team is formed, the team’s knowledge thickness must be accumulated. The team is like a boat, the Internet industry is like a vast ocean, without solid technical skills, knowledge and broad vision, it is difficult to steer. As a developer or a technical team, you may be good at technology, but as a website manager, that’s not enough. Especially, the grass root team needs more fields. In all aspects of the conditions, resources, money constraints, we must choose the most appropriate breakthrough to develop, do it fine. For example, for the grassroots small website, how to promote your website? Most of the grassroots webmaster all know the search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to the team or individual have the capacity in this area is a tiger with wings added.

knowledge structure will never be complete, and team learning ability is like charger, and its quality decides the knowledge accumulation of team or individual. In the face of new things, in the face of not good at the field, we must maintain the desire and motivation to learn, while constantly improving their own, but also constantly enrich the entire team’s knowledge and core competitiveness.

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the line on the website, relates to an important problem is website promotion, because is the technical background, website promotion and operation is a very vague concept, in order to promote, to find a lot of ways, "

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