2 years, only a professional forum feelings

2 years to be a professional forum,


my forum is 06 years in May 9th on the line today, over 2 years, has always insisted during only one station, although the IP of the poor, but I love this aspect, so there are always interested in doing things. Their love, their interest in things that are slowly collected right, when my forum as their own hard drive. So from the beginning, IP development is very slow, because I updated slowly, things are modified and finishing their own things, I think at that time, good stuff is not afraid of no one knows, so don’t call what propaganda until this year. The Chinese new year, IP is only 1000, ha ha, is now the case, up to 2500 IP a day, but I IP how to really have no idea about what many people say is more important, IP has good content, in fact, IP will certainly come up, just watch 91NOW The article, think he said it is really not that we do, 2 or 3 of the station’s stream flow, as long as you can keep stick to it and one or two years to the monthly income of a few K, it is not practical. According to my understanding, no major investment website in 4 years if you can maintain the running down, the fifth years should be the beginning of the harvest year, although only speculation, but shows a problem, insist + confidence = harvest, although the harvest may not have hundreds of K million, but as long as there is little income can be, do not require too high, foot it field do not blindly to do as the only way to make a living


forum is difficult to do, it is difficult to improve the user viscosity, then you need to have a common heart and enthusiasm to help them, although the beginning is much, little reward, but believe that, we will have a better tomorrow!


My Forum: http://s.52bulo.com/ enough professional, ha ha,


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