Personal webmaster please don’t for promotion and harassment

I usually do the site, sell domain names, but also to help friends do technical work.

Two days before

, a classmate told me that his forum recently always be Shuabing replies. Replies content is a pile of keywords, with seven or eight links. This kind of return card every day, but also usually in the morning one or two when the hair.

I know what happened when I listen: I want to increase the chain. (SEO kill people ah) so go on, ah, in case of being punished by search engines, my classmate’s forum program is DZ6, so I helped him URL automatic identification off. A day later, there were still a lot of garbage messages.

Go to

. After looking at the DZ code and finding that the [url] tags cannot be blocked (you removed the options and the handwriting is still valid), I removed the statement from the background explaining the [url] tag. However, there is a bad effect, all members of the post in the link has become [url=xxx]yyy[/url], can not be displayed properly. It looks very uncomfortable. Finally, no way, I spent an evening time yesterday, added the "beggar" and "novice" level post [url] label to DZ will be shielded, above the level of the only registered members "link to normal display function. I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 in the morning and finally got it.

here, also ask the webmaster to pay more attention to promotion method, send a post, two paste can also, if be deleted, then don’t hair again. Not a hair is dozens of stickers, but also every day hair, every night hair. Care, you don’t want other people to harass your website is not


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