Take No. 1 store as an example to analyze the 8 step business strategy framework of e-commerce websi


had the opportunity to contact professor Walton School of business, the implementation of e-commerce strategy layout of traditional enterprises, feel very practical, through a simple graph can put the electronic commerce business enterprise architecture said thoroughly. Today, I combine the 1 shop I have been working with to illustrate the business framework strategy of e-commerce.


1, service object: strategic planning begins with the selection of customers, shop No. 1 at the beginning of the establishment of service object is the supermarket groups in the network crowd, so start to Carrefour line of people is the core of our main crowd, rather than pan people.

2, provide customer value clearly, it is necessary to solve why customers should buy from you instead of the value orientation of buying competitors at the No. 1 shop was established by location, from a variety of value in the final choice of 3 customer value: preferential price, good user experience, and the category of unmet needs (provide food and beverages, the maternal when opponents are not involved in the product line, we choose the location time in accordance with the needs of competitors, consumer demand and its own can do the value of the combination of the three) a clear value orientation can be small, shop No. 1 start when only very limited funds, but if start broad, business, money and time are scattered, not today.

3, the output of the products, information and service: our product line positioning clear, on the contraction of business at the beginning of preserved food and beverage, mother, beauty and Home Furnishing class four, excluding the books, clothing and other product lines, hired to assist product manager a large number of part-time students perfect goods online the performance, at the same time to just pay attention to the user experience feedback abnormal chairman, every day from various departments to solve problems through the first time consumer feedback system, this is an important reason for shop No. 1 can grow rapidly, because the enterprise is more effective to solve the internal departments of the issue through dialogue and end customers. Instead of company executives to take his head decision.

4, resource assets ability: the performance of knowledge and power field, shop No. 1 through the hard search HR manager, find each department leader, so at the beginning of the establishment, and soon a number of network industry talents to promote business development, organizational capital, for the large number of technology patents, brand shop No. 1 trademark protection, relationship capital, shop No. 1 rapid and industry partners to establish a strategic partnership, although the business is very small, but the founder of two weapons and various partners better development vision and excellent team to establish a strategic partnership, such as from Shanghai logistics partners can have industry the lowest price per unit distribution.

5, process: that is, to solve the system level to do what, No. 1 stores at that time the number of IT staff is the most of all departments, developed a lot of systems, management is also the Department of the system

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