Breast pain The 2 root causes of female health network

chest pain is breast cancer?

no, chest pain of women, in fact 80% is suffering from breast hyperplasia or mastitis, breast cancer is rarely by pain, breast lumps are found through the touch and the doctor diagnosed.

warning: breast hyperplasia

The degree of pain in

breast hyperplasia changes regularly with the menstrual cycle. Other also showed that there was a breast mass, the size of the tumor will also change with the menstrual cycle.

breast hyperplasia of the tumor was patchy, massive or granular distribution, size, activity is good, and the surrounding tissue without adhesion. On the contrary, breast malignant tumors often show progressive growth, the boundary is not clear, the activity is poor, and the surrounding tissue adhesion.

two warning: mastitis

is more common in postpartum mastitis, especially easy to occur in women during the puerperium. Severe pain associated with breast, and breast swelling, there was tenderness fever and inflammation.

axillary pain may be breast cancer

in the early stage of breast cancer, the symptoms are often not obvious, but because the blood and lymph distribution determines the breast and axillary breast tissue are inextricably linked, often become the first target of axillary metastasis of breast cancer, so the axillary pain of breast cancer may have to think.

In addition to

, there are some characteristic changes in the early stage of breast cancer, such as nipple discharge overflow, nipple retraction, breast mass. The mass uneven surface and the surrounding tissue is unclear, breast skin changes (such as like orange peel) and pigmentation.

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