Why cross-border electricity providers will die Three cross-border sea Amoy model buyers trading mos


this is one of the most hot Chaoyang industry, it might be a bit too hot hot die industry, behind the explosive growth is sounded "death knell", after the end of the coming of cross-border electricity supplier which model can survive? Will now live better than


why would the sea die,


is known as the sea Amoy profit point is the difference between domestic and foreign brands, and overseas brands in Chinese sales suck. Simply put, the sea Amoy is earned originally belonged to overseas distributors and domestic agents profits. When more and more fire when the cross-border electricity supplier, seized further the interests of the brands, in more than a certain limit, the Chinese turnover beyond the cost-effectiveness of brands, brands of cross-border electricity supplier will be abandoned. The cross-border sea Amoy electricity providers to do things, is constantly helping overseas brands train domestic consumers, so when the brand comes, that is, cross-border electricity supplier death date, so the death is determined.

three cross-border sea Amoy model buyers trading most dangerous

1, overseas electricity supplier direct camp

seems to be the most beautiful model, overseas warehouse direct delivery, it seems that as long as a Chinese page will be able to solve, and the two display of a system seems to be an efficient ecology. Amazon, for example, in fact, has not solved the sea Amoy stumbling block, dual currency credit card, the original site, English English registered address, or set the threshold, high tariffs in advance also makes people Tucao endless. In the electricity supplier competition in China so fierce, it is difficult to grab its place.

2, buyer trade model

this is now the most fiery cross-border electricity supplier model, koala trench, honey bud baby, honey Amoy global purchase, ocean terminal, spread all can see on the sea Amoy advertising, are derived from the model, this is the sea Amoy the most profitable mode is essentially the traditional fashion to buy Hand mode. Only the sale of channels to online, go abroad to buy hot selling goods sold in the country.

in order to reduce inventory, must choose goods flow, which is the most easy to sell goods, sell what kind of goods, leading to different businesses have a lot of the same SKU, every sea Amoy business are pushing hot Kao diapers, bullpen milk all over the world, seems to have come to buy milk powder diapers. In order to obtain profits must choose goods sales hit, in order to reduce inventory, reduce the commodity must be SKU, which is actually the buyer trade cross-border electricity supplier biggest worries is too concentrated and convergence of goods for the largest flawed buyers trade business, pricing power is increasingly concentrated in the upper reaches of the production business, if the upstream producers put aside their own electricity supplier so dry. Impact on cross-border electricity will be very large.

3, purchasing service mode

tens of millions of Taobao purchasing, Hui Hui, shopping assistant, sea honey and so on are such models. These are actually the most typical Internet profit model, through the service flow will change

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