He Lixiang how to do nternet soft text marketing in traditional industries

1, soft text marketing is an effective complement to hard advertising

marketing is about to moisten things silently, listen to the silent thunder, to the target audience easily accepted by consumers and consumers in the cut heart, often intensive local soft education, impress consumers, and ultimately a "soft" marketing promotion of consumer behavior. The "soft" marketing and traditional marketing methods have a lot of difference, usually the traditional marketing advertising links, usually through television, newspapers, magazines, radio and other traditional media, "hard" advertising, the advertising features usually focus on selling refined products, focus on the interests of consumers tend to direct drive. To consumers, accustomed to the traditional hard advertising form, the formation of a strong immune ability, and have a certain effect of rejection. This time if you can use the Internet, take effective marketing, to form an effective complementary, and the traditional hard advertising can often play act tough and talk soft, the integration effect is very good. Such as Wang Laoji, Pizza Hut and so on, it is a very good list of cards.

2, soft marketing has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency,

focuses on marketing ideas and strategies, it is no wonder that some "soft investment planning fee" and "soft writing fees" and "soft release fee", if soft speculation with the forum, plus a top hand costs, several links together cost more often will not exceed one hundred thousand. And the traditional TV ads, newspaper ads, literally cast more than ten seconds of advertising or half version of advertising, the price must not be more than this number. From the point of view, the success of marketing can be fully integrated products, consumers and Internet channels, and details to capture the minds of consumers, with the advantage of the Internet to spread, so small cost can usually bring big effect, compared to the so-called "advertising generally dashuipiao" hard advertising, the price will come out naturally.

3, soft marketing in the minds of consumers to seize the unique advantages of

contact soft marketing in 5 years, through the tens of thousands of soft text marketing case summary analysis, the author thinks, soft Wen is to seize the consumer mind most unimpeded way. The marketing attributes are closely related, because to do marketing, usually through "competitor marketing survey", "grasp the development trend of the industry, analysis of product analysis of products or services online and offline consumer demand characteristics, according to the demand of refined products / service value and core selling point" sure, "soft launch position", "looking for the breakthrough point, the product / service information cleverly implanted articles", "according to the marketing conditions, the seven stages of continuous adjustment of marketing strategy", the seven stage for full study of consumer behavior, transposition in the field of traditional marketing, equivalent experience a complete marketing process, so that the unique advantages in marketing to seize the consumer mind.

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