Another year of Valentine’s day, new dating abroad, dating websites

before the Spring Festival, a "young man home trouble micro-blog buzz, most said home for Spring Festival the most hate to hear" object? ", the most hate to hear the blessing is" I wish you a new year next year to bring back a object ", the news is" friends hate you look at the object so"…… For older single young men and women, is not easy to block the cross examination of the relatives and friends, ushered in Valentine’s day, seeing other couples to you my Lennon Lennon, but he is extremely lonely lonely, that taste really hard.

found the other half, no doubt he just needed it. Back in 2009, it is reported that China has 30 million men left, 30 million men left in action robbers qiangliang grab the woman "slogan a time occupied the media an important forum.


also created a flourishing our matchmaking and online dating site Jiayuan, such as in the May 11, 2011 Nasdaq, Lily network also received tens of millions of dollars in financing in 2011, cherished network into the quiet period listed in 2011 April…… But overall, most dating and matchmaking website is mediocre, and not from the huge market needing to go gold. By contrast, foreign websites are much more interesting.

1: Clique: don’t date strangers,


most dating sites want to draw together two people who don’t know, but ignore the traditional ways of pairing friends. In this regard, Clique uses the invitation mechanism, registered users of friends, or within three degrees of space is visible. When users browse other people’s pages, they can see each other’s common friends circle, so they can find suggestions for friends in time.

advantage: for each potential object, a friend can offer advice, so the risk is less.

disadvantage: your average friend inevitably gets your dating information.


2, Sparkology: only accept the quality of men’s academic qualifications, love


Sparkology sets up a fairly strict access system for users, such as at least a college degree, and a male user who confirms graduation from a top university. The charging system is also worth mentioning, female users pay a one-time fee ($15), male users will pay a small fee for each dialogue ($2 a time).

advantage: every dialogue of male users is small investment, so you can avoid a lot of unnecessary conversations.

disadvantages: Although the list of top universities listed on the site has 85>

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