Take these 3 days to double the effect of breast health net

you still complain, exclamation oneself no proud of the business line? In fact, the size of a woman’s chest in addition to congenital genetic effects, but also by the acquired factors (such as the environment, drugs, breastfeeding, sports, etc.). Xiyuan Hospital geriatric center Chinese Chinese Academy of Sciences Li Yuehua told "life times" reporter, every month the prime time if a breast, right in this period of time, can play a multiplier effect.

Chinese medicine believes that women’s breast first to adjust the menstrual cycle, correct abnormal menstrual cycle. And then according to the level of healthy estrogen, progesterone secretion, we can know that the beginning of menstruation eleventh, 12, 13 days for the best period of breast enhancement, from eighteenth to 24 days for the second best.

1 Shugan Jianpi yangwei.

is a genus of spleen stomach breast, nipple is the liver, to breast development, will begin from the liver and spleen, liver and spleen stomach to take corresponding attention, diet, let the human body itself can provide the chest to be nutrition. For example, yam porridge, barley porridge, lotus seeds, red dates, crucian carp soup, angelica, longan, peanuts, red dates can be fluid, endocrine regulation; Angelica, longan and nourishing qi; drinking tea roses, tulips scented tea, can shugan.

2 press key points.

in addition, in the back, chest press points, promote blood circulation, so that the blood of various nutrients transported to the breast, the chest will gradually increase.

such as bath massage milk two in the middle of Tan point, scapula central depression of t’ientsung, finger nail below the outer Shaoze, is also an effective method.

3 practice breast movement.

swimming is also a very good breast movement, pressure to massage the chest, but also can make use of the water paddling arm full chest. Or do push ups, at this time the chest must be straightened, tighten the abdominal muscles, when the body down, the waist will not collapse. To develop the habit of doing every day, not only breast enhancement, but also compact abdomen.

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