n the twinkling of an eye, am already 18 years old


wrote this article, I didn’t know how to start writing it..

since I was 18 years old, has its own identity, can deal with Alipay. Haha feel really happy.! since the end of 2006 to contact people on the..QQ website now has more than 1 thousand. 800 people are friends in group..QQ have more than and 100 in. 07 years when I came to Admin5, I feel there is a big family. I love here. Every day here in the forum for..

always look at the articles written by my predecessors every day… So I know a lot! 18 years old. Do you have a future?%40 people tell me.. find something practical! But there are%60 people say let me do well!


not long ago I was honored in Admin5 Trading Forum do webmaster! Thank you figure Uncle Wang can give me this opportunity! Website experience: do stand to steady. To develop their own goals. Do what you do. Don’t worry! You will not dare to do. What seo.. Is not SEO us! Do the same! I had a even the domain name can not afford to buy the baby. Now I can buy their own server! Do stand and farmers as hard… From farmland, seed, fertilization, watering. To harvest.

. In the end!

so we webmaster too. Find a good space to put on the program. Every update. As we get a good return! I traded on the Admin5 forum for a few months I will rely on their own efforts to buy their own computer program! I bought to sell program. Buy a domain name to sell the domain name website website. Sold. One day the best time to revenue 800 yuan. Of course! Now I do not want to sell these things. I want some real! Although many failures, but I will not be discouraged!! I hope all young webmasters and 90 Adsense website can on the upgrade. My writing is not so good! First. Feel free to watch


I hope this writing will bring you a little experience,


, my website: www.bobosoo.com

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