A week to teach you to build tens of thousands of P movie station

talk about film station promotion, talk about my views, a never stand woman, with less than 1 weeks IP million movie station, first put my photos posted.

started in mid 2007, never worked as a website, and stayed at home staring at my boyfriend for a movie station. From the time he added the movie to the background, it was true that it accompanied him many days and nights. At that time, he was just using ultra broadband for powercom player, have so far more than IP (shame).

by the middle of the month, he didn’t have much time to defend his movie station because of the change in the company position of his boyfriend. See he ended the way, in the heart, I quit my job, volunteered to undertake this work can not see the future. What do not understand, I can only start from scratch, is an ignorant beginner, early on the wall ready. Because tom365 (a movie station) influence, I decided to start building your own movie station. He also laughed at me, say for a year, he did not "useless" scores! Fortunately, circle of friends, many do stand, do not understand things everywhere consult, sometimes even take notes really, be a good student. That period of time, almost every day to eat outside (human food is unavoidable), chat with friends, tea, the purpose is only one: study!


all right, go to the point, do the station first, find the right program (free lots), space, domain name. Here to remember, a good site, there is no good space support. If so far, you still outside the chain picture, I suggest you don’t open, so little money is not willing to spend, then you also come why, not to mention the present space is not expensive. There is no free lunch, want to have the harvest, must be an unlimited amount of pay, so, only more than people pay, have a chance to get more harvest.

programs, domain names, space, everything is OK, and then there’s the movie resource problem. Effect is also affected by the tom365, decided to use the resource of QVOD, Baidu, Google search qvod resources, very much! (I get a long time in this respect, know what is called QVOD, that used to be the movie station friends are not familiar with this word) to do a movie station really not in 10 minutes.

after the basic things are completed, began to do promotion. I do not know what is called snapshot, what is called high weight?. Anyway, I heard everyone say, in the Admin5 bought 3 traffic can count, included normal station friendship connection (used 20 yuan / month). Then go to the human promotion, do a lot of film friends, Baidu Post Bar to brush every day, here I am not interested in, especially some popular movies, TV series, made a paste of less than 10 seconds, the first page will not see your post.

promotion need brains to find ways to brush single hand, little, he can only take you a short time traffic flow is not stopped, "

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