Have you started your mobile site yet

has been Baidu K several domain names recently, I really can not help but apply for another: www.99licai.com.cn

later met a friend who was engaged in mobile phone software development, so the idea of making a mobile phone website (mobile phone website is not afraid of your Baidu K).

construction of mobile sites must first understand the current mobile Internet access.

today, a friend of the QQ group said a mobile phone client, in the spam headache era, has developed a mobile phone client software, is said to send video, MMS N free, then naturally users see text messages, see a 1 cents income, of course you you can choose to read a short message is rejected. The people in the group were against it and nobody was looking for it because the spam messages had made people behave too aggressively. Famous communication blog Bi Zhaohui said: "I am optimistic about spam messages, not optimistic about spam messages; I am optimistic about the Internet mobile phone, not optimistic about mobile Internet; I am optimistic about the TV mobile phone, not optimistic about mobile TV."." This remark is a classic summary of the functions of mobile phones, Internet and so on. Although spam messages are hateful, they do have advertising effects and practical value. Mobile Internet, in the future, mobile phones as a computer, the Internet access to the most important terminal equipment, because of its small and easy to carry, and other obvious features, is worth being optimistic about. However, the current mobile Internet access is not much real practical value. As far as mobile TV is concerned, it is at the experimental stage.

for mobile Internet, do not just look at the figures, it depends on the actual. Take the rural Internet survey report published by CNNIC, for example. If you look at figures only, you will draw conclusions that are far from the actual situation. 2007 CNNIC "rural Internet survey report" mentioned in the June 2007, rural Internet users reached 37 million 410 thousand people, rural migrant workers Internet users reached 20 million people, rural migrant workers due to the lack of home internet access equipment and access conditions, the main way of access to the Internet is the Internet (47.8%), the second way is about mobile phone Internet 3 (30.3%), the proportion of the total Internet users mobile phone Internet the proportion of 3 percentage points higher (total mobile phone users in the proportion of Internet is 27.3%). 07 year report also pointed out that with the improvement of mobile phone capabilities and the reduction of mobile Internet access, I believe that more and more groups of Internet users will use their mobile phones to access the internet." And in 2008 CNNIC "rural Internet survey report", in rural areas, 52 million 620 thousand rural Internet users, using mobile Internet users ratio of 23%, the same period of urban mobile Internet access ratio of 22.6%. Accordingly, it is concluded that "rural mobile Internet is becoming a scale."". In fact, I think the rural mobile phone Internet users growth rate is too fast, according to the above data can be easily calculated, the number of China’s rural Internet mobile phone online from 06 years of rapid growth of about 6000000 to 07 years of 121>

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