Analysis of what calls super SEO

recently saw a SEOKE.ORG on the ADMIN5 webmaster, made two what " the strongest SEO" works. I will two words to respond to " boast "

first of all, I’ll analyze the two stations of his ": """ and "


is the first We can analyze his meter. The meter itself over a long period of time, the weight is self-evident. In other words, I don’t know what is the predecessor of this station station. If this station has been saying. This meter made ranking, also do not have what can boast of /p>.

secondly, his chain number. Nearly W. What kind of chain is, I don’t say, everybody analysis,


external factors. We talk about his internal optimization! The overall feeling on the word " ". His station was also ranked up these days. Until there is a good ranking, a long row. It is now being K, so he will stand up.

the second station is he said QVOD station, in fact, he optimized this station is nothing ah, and the above situation almost

this webmaster called """; the strongest SEO" I see more common. Say not good to hear, your two stations plus a piece of traffic, but I can not stand a flow of


the most puzzling thing is that this webmaster is entirely dependent on this potato network station, to recruit students! We look at his station, how long is the site


doesn’t mean he’s not doing the right thing, but it’s a bit too.XXXX,

but in general, the webmaster can optimize the words up, also have a certain strength and do not say how to prove the strength. But in this way recruit students, I do not agree! If you like Qiu Shida, and others, that is another matter


say what you think, SEOKE.ORG webmaster,


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